Welcome to Eloquent Bags. With the many choices of beautiful “Baroque & Casa Satins”, you will be able to pick from the Designers Selection, which already includes a variety of our most popular color combinations. If you decide you’d like to create your own tote bag color combination for a special club color, wedding, etc, then you can do so by selecting an outside color, an inside color, and an initial to personalize your own unique “Eloquent Bag”. The color combinations are endless for these drawstring tote bags.


Below are just a few of the many Eloquent Jewerly Totes that are available to you. If you click on the "TOTES" tab at the bottom, you'll be able to view all the wonderful color combinations. If you don't see your favorite one there, then contact us and we'll be happy to put it together for you, at no extra charge.

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The "Eloquent Tote Bags" is the best way to store and travel with your favorite jewelry and other miscellaneous items, while keeping everything in its place with the eight compartment chambers. You can just toss your tote bag in your handbag or luggage and off you go. It’s that easy. This special little gift bag that can be held in the palm of your hand and enjoyed for years to come. Below are some ideas for your “Eloquent Tote Bags”. It’s great for your jewelry and so much more.

  • Drawstring Bags for Bridal & Wedding Parties
  • Birthday... Gift Bags
  • Christmas... Gift Bags
  • Promotional Events... Gift Bags
  • Thank You & Appreciation... Gift Bags
  • Travel Jewelry Bag for Small Personal Items
  • Vacation & Business Travel Tote Bags
  • Tote Bags for Weekend Get-a-ways
  • Designer Totes for Ladies Clubs
  • Designer Totes for Ladies Church Groups
  • College Students & Sororities Tote Bags
  • Tote Bags for Mother and Daughter Special Occasions
  • Storage just for Special or Holiday Jewelry
  • So much more…


Click on a selection below to preview the Eloquent Tote Bags. The first color noted is the OUTSIDE color and the second color noted is the INSIDE color. Once your selections are made then choose one INITIAL for each Jewelry bag.

Designer's Collection

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