The Designer’s Collection is some of the most popular color combinations that have already been put together to make your selections quicker and easier. Just go to the bottom of the page and look at all the selections and you just may find one already designed as you like it. If you want something different, then make a note of the colors that you would like and then go to the Custom Page and make your own color combination selections that best suites you.


Below are just a few of the many Eloquent Jewerly Totes that are available to you. If you click on the "TOTES" tab at the bottom, you'll be able to view all the wonderful color combinations. If you don't see your favorite one there, then contact us and we'll be happy to put it together for you, at no extra charge.

See the Designer's Collection

All the Eloquent Jewelry Bags are handmade after orders are placed, so order early to get your bags in time for that special occasion. If there is a specific deadline needed, please let us know the particular date so we can get them to you on time. If you need a specific color for an event or special occasion, then contact us to see if that color is available. You can also send us a sample swatch to see if a match can be made as well. This is provided to you at No Extra Charge.


Click on a selection below to preview the Eloquent Tote Bags. The first color noted is the OUTSIDE color and the second color noted is the INSIDE color. Once your selections are made then choose one INITIAL for each Jewelry bag.

Designer's Collection

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